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Money As Energy author John R. Savalli
Money As Energy
What Money Is - and How It's Used Against You!
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About The Book

Money As Energy empowers you with rich information on what money is at its core. Used by all, manipulated by some, money is one of the basic resources we all have in common.

Money As Energy author John R. Savalli takes you on a journey of financial enlightenment beginning by answering the question: What is money?

You'll want to check your own definition, assumptions, and understanding against the definition and explanations provided in this book.
Money As Energy gives you a new perspective on the often misunderstood (and deliberately obfuscated) resource we call money. What it is. What it isn't. How it's manipulated.

Money As Energy is packed with easy-to-understand explanations and enlightening storytelling techniques designed to empower you on your way to financial fulfillment. What once seemed confusing, now becomes clear. What once seemed a mystery, now becomes empowering.

No fancy words. No financial jargon. Money is simpler than that. You know more about money than you think you do. Find out how much more. Read
Money As Energy to help you get there.

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